Little Eco Footprints – Hunter Valley family photos

I’ve known Tricia and her beautiful family for several years now, and I’m jealous of the new direction her life has taken, even as my rational brain tells me I couldn’t hack it.  Tricia writes a column for The Newcastle Herald and has a beautiful blog about learning to live better with less, called Little Eco Footprints.

I asked Tricia if I could document part of a day in their life; it was wonderful. To see a family living with such care was a real treat, and watching Little Eco play was like a window into my own childhood, a jumble of adventure and incidental science and exploration.

You should include Little Eco Footprints into your regular blog reading – it’s a fantastic source of information and is a great reminder of small ways you can live mindfully – you don’t even have to make massive changes.

On to the visuals!

Hunter Valley family photography Splashing in puddles Cubby houses Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-family-photographer35 hunter-valley-family-photographer36 hunter-valley-family-photographer37 hunter-valley-family-photographer38 hunter-valley-family-photographer39 Cockatoos in flight Hunter Valley photographer hunter-valley-family-photographer41 Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-family-photographer43 hunter-valley-family-photographer44 Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-family-photographer46 Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-family-photographer48 hunter-valley-family-photographer49 hunter-valley-family-photographer50 hunter-valley-family-photographer51 hunter-valley-family-photographer53 Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-family-photographer54 hunter-valley-family-photographer55 hunter-valley-family-photographer56 Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-photographer58 Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-photographer60 Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-photographer62 hunter-valley-photographer63 hunter-valley-photographer64 hunter-valley-photographer65 hunter-valley-photographer66 hunter-valley-photographer67 hunter-valley-photographer68 hunter-valley-photographer70 Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-photographer73 Little Eco footprints Playing in the dam Little Eco Footprints Hunter Valley family photography Water fight Hunter Valley family photos NEwcastle family photographer hunter-valley-photographer80 hunter-valley-photographer81 Making damper swirls hunter-valley-photographer83 Hunter Valley family photography Making damper swirls in a camp fire Making damper swirls in a camp fire Hunter Valley family photography Making damper swirls in a camp fire hunter-valley-photographer89 Hunter Valley family photography Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-photographer92 Hunter Valley family photography Hunter Valley family photography hunter-valley-photographer95 hunter-valley-photographer96 hunter-valley-photographer97 Making damper swirls in a camp fire Making damper swirls in a camp fire hunter-valley-photographer100 hunter-valley-photographer101

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Wow these are so beautiful. So so so beautiful. This is an amazing set of images. I am sure the family will treasure these photos for years. The kids in these photos will be showing their grandchildren these photos one day.

Gosh, these are beautiful. I want to meet Tricia even more now – you’ve captured the bits of her personality that somehow don’t come through in her words and it feels like a complete picture. With her words and your photography, you get a real sense of their beautiful family.

Words can’t describe how happy we are with these pictures Xanthe. I keep revisiting them and seeing more and more of the true us. Thank you! I would not have not thought of getting a family portrait session like this before you suggested it – but now its something I want to make sure we do again. And what is amazing is that I hardly noticed you taking any pictures. It was just like hanging out with a friend for the day. Thank you x x x

I think my favourite thing is that you didn’t notice me… I’m glad I was so unobtrusive! Hopefully we’ll get some camping in with you guys soon xox

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