Zimarra and Trent – sneak peek

Saturday was a stunning day for a stunning wedding with a stunning bride and groom.

Laura and Nick’s beautiful Roberts Restaurant wedding

When I was 12, and in Year 7, a new family moved to my town. There were three kids – all girls – and the eldest was my age. We became fast friends, spending almost 90 minutes together on the

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Woodville School of Arts Hall wedding venue Hunter Valley wedding photographers

Haidee and Alex, Part the Second

And lo, the festivities continued for Alex and Haidee, at the Woodville School of Arts Hall. (As an aside, I would happily have stayed to play in the clover field at Albion Farm Gardens for days. I even found a

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So wedding, much awesome, wow! Haidee and Alex.

These two lovecats were married a few weeks ago at the glorious Albion Farm Gardens in Woodville, with a reception afterwards at the Woodville School of Arts Hall directly opposite the Gardens. It was off the charts. The weather was

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Sarah and Jacob’s wedding at Leaves and Fishes

I had an unbelievably fun time with Sarah, Jacob and their family and friends at their recent wedding. The whole shebang was held at Leaves&Fishes in Lovedale, on a stunning spring day. My favourite moments of the day: weeding a

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Central Coast wedding photographer

Zee and Tee’s engagement

These two. Their wedding is going to be so much damned fun. Look out for the meerkats, and you get a prize* if you can find them in the first picture. *golf claps

Civic Park Wedding and Dixon Park Surf Club reception

Kate + Marc’s autumn wedding at Civic Park and Dixon Beach Surf Club

When I first met Kate to talk about her wedding, she handed over her gorgeous baby girl, Amelia, who promptly fell asleep in my arms and slept there for an hour. This took care of two things: it enabled my

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Within Pop-Up is the climactic scene from a z-grade slasher flick titled Bloodgate, involving a tent, a toothbrush, and some really cheesy lines. Bacon double cheeseburger deluxe, baby. This was an all-night shoot shot in the tiny coastal village where I

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Pop Up, the movie – Block 2

Block 2 of shooting for Stuart McBratney’s feature film Pop-Up happened. It was totes radical, dudes. Seriously, the team pulled together brilliantly on this block. In my next post I’ll go into detail about the all-nighter we pulled, but for

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Family portrait sessions in autumn and winter

Because the light is soooooo nice at this time of the year, and it’s the perfect time for snuggles with the ones you love! Valid for sessions in and around Newcastle between now and the end of August.  For sessions

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