Within Pop-Up is the climactic scene from a z-grade slasher flick titled Bloodgate, involving a tent, a toothbrush, and some really cheesy lines.

Bacon double cheeseburger deluxe, baby.

This was an all-night shoot shot in the tiny coastal village where I grew up, so it was great to go and hang out there and soak up the atmosphere. Ahhh, the serenity; so much serenity.

Until we showed up, of course. A few carloads of people, camera gear, lighting rigs, props, and a slow cooker full of meat and veg to feed the entire crew.  We started at about 5pm and, after a night soaked in caffeine and fake blood, left at 5.30am. It was an intense night but the whole team pulled together through exhaustion (and through swarms of bees and cicadas) to get it all done. Here’s our fantastic director, Stu, contemplating the serenity.

2K5A0480 2K5A0482 Storyboarding a gruesome death. 2K5A0492 DOP Clinton Harn and AC Drew got the lighting rigged up early so we could start shooting as soon as darkness fell. Note the most important piece of equipment in this whole scenario: the mosquito repellant. 2K5A0496 Stu demonstrates to victim actor Tom Dalzell how exactly one should die when stabbed with a toothbrush. 2K5A0505 See? Serenity. 2K5A0512 Storyboarding and planning with 1st AD Becks Abramovic and DOP Clinton Harn. 2K5A0522 Still planning a death. 2K5A0558 2K5A0560 Lighting tests with requisite hipster. 2K5A0582 May Grehan and Tom get cozy by the fire before we roll camera on the first shot. 2K5A0589 Looking fresh faced at 8.30pm. 2K5A0600 2K5A0631 2K5A0640 Gemma watches over proceedings. 2K5A0643 2K5A0652 May still looked fresh and gorgeous at 10.30pm; still facing 5-6 hours of shooting. 2K5A0659 Dave. Also known as Dabe. 2K5A0661 2K5A0684 May still looked alert and alarmed at 2am, blood at the ready. Nothing beats a good blood splatter, amirite? 2K5A0701 Folks, this is how you do death-by-toothbrush. Nathan played a great crazy lunatic. 2K5A0715 The rain started at 3.30am. So did the random upright naps. There was even a 4 person snuggle train happening at one point. 2K5A0722 Makeup guru Donna fashioned up the murder weapon for this scene, and it was fantastic! 2K5A0738 2K5A0747 This was really not the most comfortable of scenes to shoot. 2K5A0764 2K5A0780 2K5A0784 After a day spent asleep, the crew reconvened to shoot close ups of the moment of truth. Donna made an amazing prosthetic chin/neck with a cavity for a bottle of blood, and much hilarity was had with blood and gore. 2K5A0844 2K5A0857 2K5A0868 2K5A0870

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