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Bridal lockdown wedding sign

Port Macquarie Wedding – Lord and Lady Daa Doo

You might remember these two from such productions as Racheal and Adam’s Chaplin-inspired engagement shoot in Newcastle. Well, the Froxy Ladies travelled to Port Macquarie to document the shenanigans (oh, and love!) that happened on Lord and Lady Daa Doo’s

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Gulf Islands family photos

These fantabulous – and I really mean that – people were my hosts for a long weekend after the Canada Photo Convention.  After hearing so much about Vancouver’s raininess (although apparently they have a very similar annual rainfall to Newcastle), the

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Canada Photo Convention 2013

So.  Vancouver and I – in fact, Canada and I – met for the first time in April.  I attended the amazing Canada Photo Convention 2013, two solid days of speakers from all over. I stayed in a glorious luxury

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Tasmania child photography

Seahorse World in Beauty Point, Tasmania

We visit Tasmania once or twice a year, to see family.  Usually we don’t go far beyond the region where my sister lives.   This time, though, we decided to do a tourist trip, spending some time up north and

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Yarrangobilly Caves

Side trip to Yarrangobilly Caves.  My first visit several years ago involved only one torch, and a 2 year old.  It was tough going.  this time, the boys had a torch each and were able to easily walk the cave

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Snow Vader

It’s a long drive from Newcastle to Tumut.  It feels even longer on your own with a 6 year old in the backseat.  So I borrowed one of his school friends for the weekend and off we went.  The boys

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Port Macquarie

So after travelling who knows how many kilometres (although I do know there were three planes :-/) from Sioux city back to Sydney, I managed some sleep. And then some mor esleep.  and then I folded myself into an exhausted

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Sioux City wedding

Many years ago, my husband (then boyfriend) spent a couple of months travelling and working with a beautiful family in the States while he trained for his job.  Two parents, two young daughters who were homeschooled as the travelling happened.

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