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Within Pop-Up is the climactic scene from a z-grade slasher flick titled Bloodgate, involving a tent, a toothbrush, and some really cheesy lines. Bacon double cheeseburger deluxe, baby. This was an all-night shoot shot in the tiny coastal village where I

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Pop Up, the movie – Block 2

Block 2 of shooting for Stuart McBratney’s feature film Pop-Up happened. It was totes radical, dudes. Seriously, the team pulled together brilliantly on this block. In my next post I’ll go into detail about the all-nighter we pulled, but for

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Star Wars birthday party

Last year Arlo informed me his birthday party was going to have a Star Wars theme.  That’s all well and good, kid, but a little more than five days’ notice would have been grand! His punny self realised that if

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We went to Boston in a cah.

Not only did we go there in a cah, but we also stayed at Hahvahd, which of course is necessary to get the full Boston accent.  Sadly, my hostess with the mostess is not a Boston native so we had

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Picnic in the park

Fabulous picnic in the park in NYC last year… yet another catch up post.

Rollin’ in the [grass]

Rather than the deep.  

Museum of Natural History in NYC

Yes, time for another almost-year-old catch up post!  Since I still haven’t blogged everything from the US trip…. getting there slowly.  Maybe I’ll even be caught up before this year’s Canada trip. Arlo and I went to check out the

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I Love Wednesdays, for reals – part the second

As promised, here’s the second half.  In one of my other favourite spots in the world, right by the sea.  We three have so much love for this spot and it’s just the most amazing place on a clear day

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I Love Wednesdays, for reals

So.  I have this friend.  You may recall her from such posts as this one and this one. She’s one of those friends I feel I’ve known forever, like she’s always a part of my life (I think it’s really

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Losing 40kg in 2013

For just three weeks – or, forming new habits

I suuuuck at resolutions. Actually, no, I am good at making them, but not so great at keeping them. So this year I’m trying a new tactic. You know how They say that it only takes 21 days to form

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