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Engagement photos taken at Glenrock State Conservation Area

Why engagement photos?

I include an engagement session with my wedding package. I’m often asked why – why have photos of you done before the wedding? Surely there’ll be enough lovey-dovey images taken on the wedding day?

Well, yes – and then again, no.

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Often, on a wedding day, you’re busy being with a large group of people you love dearly, and may not see very often – and you want to spend as much time with them as possible. I want you to do that as well, not spend 4 interminable hours with me repositioning your jawline to get the perfect GQ middle-distance gaze going on.

If you’ve never had a photographer focusing on you so closely before, it can feel a bit awkward – especially with an audience! And if you’re not feeling relaxed, your wedding day portraits can take a bit longer while you warm up to the process.

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So an engagement or couple session achieves a couple of ends:

It gives you an experience of how it feels to be in front of the camera as a couple, which helps reduce the time you spend away from your guests on your wedding day.

It gives us the opportunity to go take some amazing portraits in locations you love but simply can’t get to on your wedding day without a TARDIS or handy teleport machine.

And it also gives you beautiful images of the two of you as a couple, rather than just as a bride and groom. These are great for your personal archive – and also great to use as decoration on your wedding day. Many of my couples order a small album of these images to use as a very personalised signing book on their wedding day.

See more images from engagement and couples photography sessions.

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