Pop Up, the movie – Block 2

Block 2 of shooting for Stuart McBratney’s feature film Pop-Up happened. It was totes radical, dudes.

Seriously, the team pulled together brilliantly on this block. In my next post I’ll go into detail about the all-nighter we pulled, but for this post it’s all general behind the scenes shots.

Mounting the camera on the bonnet of the car:

2K5A0040 2K5A0052 2K5A0066

Gemma, hustling extras for another day’s shooting.

2K5A0110 2K5A0112 2K5A0113 2K5A0115 2K5A0119

Becks is the Assistant Director.  She’s amazing. The queen of getting stuff done, at short notice, with a quickly-depleting phone battery.


This is Ryan, aka Fluffy. Clapper loader extraordinaire and stand up guy. And I mean stand up… he’s about 8 feet tall.

2K5A0191 2K5A0197 2K5A0202 2K5A0208

I think this might actually be the one and only photo of me on set, and I had to take it myself.


Nick, Donna and Sophie hiding from the intense summer sun and having a Saxby’s Ginger Beer break. We had many of those, it was awesome.




Other babe..


Third babe..


Three babes and a dude.


Greg aka Neil, ready to run down Perkins Street, yet again. And again. And again.

2K5A0247 2K5A0363 2K5A0370

Steadicamming LIKE A BOSS.

2K5A0446 2K5A0471 2K5A0477 2K5A9569

We ate so many Grill’d burgers and chips…. NOM NOM NOM.  They are DELICIOUS.


Here’s a scene in the movie, a contemplative one. Lone guy on couch. Focus on the loneliness.


Yeah, not so lonely when you swing around and look the other way.

2K5A96102K5A9607 2K5A9611 2K5A9617 2K5A9630 2K5A9640 2K5A9647 2K5A9652 2K5A9655 2K5A9664 2K5A9665 2K5A9745 2K5A9763 2K5A9881

Stuart and sound man Mark also took many ginger beer breaks.


As did Tahnee.


So cozy..

2K5A9931 2K5A9938 2K5A9977

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