So wedding, much awesome, wow! Haidee and Alex.

These two lovecats were married a few weeks ago at the glorious Albion Farm Gardens in Woodville, with a reception afterwards at the Woodville School of Arts Hall directly opposite the Gardens.

It was off the charts. The weather was *exactly* what I ordered, there was no way to award Best Dressed Guest because they were all killing it (although you’ll spot the Best Moustache and Biggest Beard, I’m sure), there was ukulele, and there was a silver Airstream trailer – the Nighthawk Diner – serving delicious burgers and dessert.  The groom’s mother made not only the fruit cake (which you could smell from across the room, it was so rich and wonderful) but also most of the cheeses (!!!) and his dad made the slab platters for the nibbles.

We took the family photos in the vegetable garden, because why not?

It was just that kind of wedding, and I’m splitting it into two posts because one post would be faaaaaar too long. You can see the second part here: Alex and Haidee, Part the Second

Haidee’s dress was a find at a vintage fair. The bridal ladies all wore fantastic shoes from the Australian design company Funkis.

Ceremony and reception music by the absolutely fantastic Green Mohair Suits, with a ceremony cameo by the very talented Robin.

And at the reception, delicious craft beer from the boys at The Grifter.

Flowers, hair, makeup, decorations, hay bales and lighting designs were all taken care of by friends and family.

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